About Us

LarRarh is an India based label, which personifies a slow way of life that is rooted in culture, heritage, art, craft and community. LarRarh stands in bridging the gap of classic and contemporary, conventional and experimental.


The name ‘LarRarh’ means creating melody through an intermingling of threads, creating the space for personalized aesthetics. With each product we create, we want you to enjoy the melody of the threads and each story that we try to unfold.


The brand is all about comfortable, stylish, chic, sexy and bold silhouettes. The unfiltered feel comes from sustainable, handspun, organic, handwoven, and natural dyed fabrics, which are inspired by nature. We use only the best quality natural fabrics, which are sourced from the weavers and pay close attention to every little detail. Each design brings a new splash of color and a strong story with it.


 For LarRarh, the process is as important as the fabric or the garments. Our brand is a conscious collective of all the stakeholders whose ‘heart to hand’ process culminates in a beautiful legacy.


LarRarh recognizes that green fashion is no longer an alternative, rather a necessity. At LarRarh, we are mindful of our environmental impact and constantly strive towards reducing waste and adapting eco-friendly methods of constructing our garments. We say NO to plastic. We prefer to use wooden buttons, handcrafted cotton laces as embellishments for our outfits. Our packaging is made from upcycled fabric, which is 100% biodegradable. Being a strong believer in resource regeneration, We use seed paper tag made from recycled fabrics which can be planted on soil. We also use upcycled fabrics for our garments in order to reduce further landfilling. For eliminating issues of over-production and wastage, we construct our garments on a made-to-order basis. We create double-duty, multipurpose, reversible outfits that let the customer create multiple  looks with the same purchase. We encourage repetition of outfits and aim to create ethical consumerism. 

LarRarh is the brain child of Lipika Bhuyan, who is the founder and designer for the label. Her love for Indian crafts, art, history, heritage, textile, green and sustainable design found a bearing in LarRarh.